We are a booking center leader in vacation home rentals in Andalusia. Apartmentsolé receives thousands of visitors day, worldwide users interested in booking our apartments for leisure or business. We offer a pleasant and authentic experience to those who prefer a smart alternative to the hotel. We operate in Seville, Cadiz and Sierra Nevada.

Apartmentsolé also allows you to rent your own accommodation. Registration on the website is simple and free.

From Apartmentsolé we guarantee the best prices on quality apartments at no extra cost.

Apartmentsolé has its head office in Seville city where it has more than 50 properties. The booking center was founded in 2015 after 6 years of experience in managing apartments for Findapartments group.

The team:

We have a wide multilingual team available to our customers and owners.

Our objectives:

Ensure our customers optimal quality standards in all our accommodations.

Adapt to market demand at all times.

Expand nationally and internationally.

Our philosophy:

Offer our travelers a website where they that can book easily and conveniently at affordable prices way. We guarantee transparency in our rates, offering the user a final price with no added cost when booking.

Our team works hard to update and continually renewing every detail to be always in line with market requirements.

We advise our owners in any management related to housing and provide it with a flexible and personalized service.

We study carefully each request for accommodation to ensure quality and meet customer expectations.


- Final price guarantee.

- Secure and easy to book.

- Central location of all our accommodations.

- Low prices on quality establishments.


- Personalized service of our available Monday through Sundays and holidays.

- Profitability assured.

- Flexible rates and availability.