General Conditions


  • Reservation deposit: to confirm a reservation it is necessary to pay 20% of the total price in deposit.
  • Methods of payment: payment of the reservation deposit is made online with credit card. If they do not have a valid credit card to book online. In case of transfer, the customer must send proof to email. You must take into account, that the reservation is not confirmed until we receive the voucher, so that if in the course of time, another reserve, we will offer you an alternative accommodation or the refund of the purchase price. All transfer costs are to be covered by the customer.
  • Booking confirmation: once the reservation is done and the deposit is payed, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation of reservation. This e-mail includes the address of the apartment keys with instructions for input and output and the information from your contact person.
  • Payment of the apartment: upon arrival you must pay the difference between the total and the deposit. If you cancel or modify your reservation during your stay there will be no refund.
  • Refundable security deposit: in some accommodation is requested bail at the entrance in the apartment and that will be returned on departure. Read the section "conditions" from the description of your apartment for more information.
  • Minimum stay: most of the apartments has a minimum stay of 2 nights. For shorter stays, you will find fewer options available. In special seasons, the minimum stay could be 3 or 4 nights.


All cancellations and/or changes of dates must be done by e-mail. We recommend to hire travel insurance if for some reason they have to cancel or change the reservation.
Rate of cancellation and/or change: without exception, the 20% reservation deposit is not refunded in any case. Likewise, we inform you that reduce their stay also counts as a cancellation.


  • Arrival time: inform the person in charge of the apartment reserved your estimated time of arrival to arrange key collection.
  • Keys: Keys is always carried out in the apartment. Most of the apartments has no reception, this is why we need to know your estimated arrival time and to alert you by phone in case of change or delay.
  • Entry: Check the specific conditions of your apartment to determine time of possible entrance to the apartment. Each owner decides to hours of entry and departure from the accommodation.


  • Check-out time: should consult the specific conditions of his apartment for the time of departure from the apartment. Each owner decides to hours of entry and departure from the accommodation.
  • Luggage: there is no reception in most of the apartments, however it is possible that the owner offers an option to keep your luggage a few hours after his departure, prior agreement with the Manager of the apartment.
  • Cleaning of the apartment: the final cleaning is included in the price. However, please respect the rules for use of the apartment and leave it in good condition. Also, please turn off the lights, heating and air conditioning.


  • Guest occupants: The apartment must be occupied only by the number of guests indicated in the booking, except for children under 2 years.
  • Smoking: You can check in the file of your apartment if smoking is allowed.
  • Pet fee: As a general rule, pets are not allowed, unless so specified by the specific characteristics of your apartment.
  • Standards: It is prohibited conduct parties or exceed the volume of the music equipment. The customer is responsible for the conduct of the people living in the apartment. In most cases, the apartments belong to family residential buildings. Please respect the rest hours.
    In case of receiving a complaint, they are obliged to leave the apartment, without right to compensation and the loss of the total payment of rent and the deposit.
  • Supplies: Our prices always include the consumption of water and electricity in the apartment. Please review the conditions of the contracted apartment to see if there is any additional cost, especially for longer stays.


  • Specific conditions of the apartment: Please strongly which in addition to the General conditions, check the specific conditions of the contracted apartment.
  • Photos and description of the apartment: in Apartmentsolé checked the apartments and provide the customer a detailed and updated images so you know all the details of the accommodation. However, we are not responsible for possible changes that the owner can perform.
  • Overbooking: In case of a double booking at the same time for a same apartment, Apartmentsolé will provide guests an alternative accommodations of equal or superior quality. If there is no availability, we proceed to the refund of the reservation deposit.
  • Technical problems of the apartment: where there is any fault or flaw in the apartment that would not allow you to stay, Apartmentsolé will provide guests an alternative accommodations of equal or higher quality or we will proceed to the refund of the reservation deposit.
  • Malfunctions or problems in the apartment: we work to provide you the best quality in your accommodation, in case you encounter any problem, please call the contact person. We do our utmost to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Liability: Neither Apartmentsolé nor the owner becomes responsible for losses or damage to the apartment during your stay in any of the people living in it or their belongings.

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If you have any questions about our terms, please contact us via email