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Cadiz is over 3,000 years old, one of the oldest cities in Europe, with a very marked by its privileged geographical situation for both trade and for military defense, a strategic location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea story Mediterranean.

Founded by the Phoenicians, under the name of Gadir (fortress, walled enclosure), the whole province has much to offer the visitor. Both the city, like the rest of the province are full of great places to get lost.

Cadiz visit will transport you to a unique experience: Know your people full of joy, simplicity and art. Explore its history through its monuments, relax in their clean beaches of fine white sand, taste its rich cuisine, enjoy their music and flamenco, folklore and enjoy its light.

Enclaves and most important beaches:

  • Los Canos de Meca: It extends from the Lighthouse of Trafalgar (where there was the Battle of Trafalgar) to Cliffs Natural Park of La Brena. A true natural wonder with a touch of hippie atmosphere.
  • Zahara: Learn about the endless beaches of white sand and discover the rich cuisine offered by the town, with its famous tuna trap.
  • Vejer de la Frontera: It has a walled historic center, just 8 km from the wonderful beaches. A great example of the White Villages of Cadiz.
  • Tarifa: Municipality of the province of Cadiz, a paradise for surfers and other water sports. whale watching is also possible.
  • Bologna Beach: One of the most beautiful in the province of Cadiz. Besides the quality of its waters, it highlights the giant dune, from which the spectacular landscape currency. In Bologna, also are the ruins of Baelo Claudio, an ancient Roman city.